The Third International Cyber Security Summit, organised by InfoSec Foundation and Enterprise IT World will take place in Kolkata, India on 16th November 2018.

The Summit will collate and harmonize unique and actionable insights into creating cyber security culture in organizations and the lasting benefits of incorporating data protection, privacy and analytics to guide decision making process.

The Summit will offer the opportunity to connect with the frontline thinkers and practitioners of cyber security with a focus on immersive and experimental learning. "InfoSec Global 2018" will welcome speakers of proven domain expertise and powerful communicative skills.

Infosec Foundation is a nonprofit platform dedicated to cyber security and working on a collaborative framework to blend users, manufacturer, police, government, providers, policy makers and other respective stakeholders.

Infocon Global took birth as a concept in March, 2016 post Bangladesh Bank cyber fraud. This is one of the stepping-stones in our Vision 2025 roadmap.

In Nov 2016 in Kolkata, we had the biggest event of Infocon Global, which was a grand success where we had participants, and Delegates from across the Industry, Govt., Police, corporates, Banks and other Non-Profit organizations. During the day, there were Deliberations, Workshops and Panel discussions with some definite takeaways, which had long and deep impact on the ecosystem. Awards were also given away in different categories for significant contributions.

Infosec Global 2017 is planned in same lines but with a much bigger scale and format with larger participation from the Govt. and different stakeholders in November 2017.